About Us

Our mission is to enable more people to show their charm, sophistication and fashion. We respond to the needs and needs of the younger generation through the collision and fusion of multiple influences and thoughts.  
At TtixLLx, we try to combine the aesthetic and practical aspects of design.  Aesthetic inspiration often comes from the work of modern artists, architects and even musicians.  We deconstruct the work and abstract away the visual elements of our design, such as color and style.  More importantly, we internalized the core concepts of the work, such as comfort, enjoyment, encouragement, etc.  We intend to constrain our design elements.  We believe that limited palette and material combinations can only enhance creativity, not inhibit it.  
To date, tTIxLLX has over 60,000 followers worldwide, including some of the top fashionistas and fashion bloggers, as well as our beloved clients from over 30 countries/regions.  They like to share their clothes online.  We will regularly re-publish the images on social media and newsletters to provide our fans with some new look ideas.  We see this as a special and valuable bond between TtixLLX and our friends.  
When we love life, the world will become more beautiful!